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NanJing Fiberglass R&D Institute The address is in Yuhua West Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province andeli No. 30
  Established in 1964 and used to be affiliated to State Administration for Building Material Industry, Nanjing Fiberglass Research & Design Institute is the only entity specialized in research, development and production of glass fiber. In the long past years, our institute has made striking achievements in creation of science and technology, structure reform and industrial development. It has made great contributions in promotion of technical progress in the trade and in industry up gradation. And it has occupied a special position in China national economic build up and in complement of national defense industry. In July, 1999, the institute was turned into an enterprise as one of the members of first batch of research institute under reforms. And again in 2004, the institute went through a shareholding reform and becomes the parent body of Sinoma Science and Technology Co., Ltd. In November of 2006, Sinoma S & T became a public company.
  In line with company’s development strategy, it has set up three large platforms based on production of high performance materials, service to the whole trade and engineering design as well as complement and development of national defense industry. It has gathered its resources and focused on those leading industries such as membrane materials incl. PTFE membrane filter material, wet separator products, separators for lithium battery, materials for space aircraft incl. various inorganic and nonmetal materials, base materials for high performance composite and its processed products, environment preservation engineering incl. sea water desalination, De-S and De-NOx disposal of industrial effluent, domestic sewage, leachate from solid waste and waste gas, and rock wool products incl. rock wool panels for external wall insulation, rock wool strips, cores for steel sandwich panels, high strength roofing panels and fire proof isolation belt.
  Nanjing Fiberglass Institute from Sinoma S & T has over 600 technical staff with more than 20 special fields incl. inorganic material, polymer materials, composite, mechanics, electricity, furnace, textiles and environment protection etc. It claims completeness in specialty and abundance in technical power. There gives one academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 10 national and provincial specialists with outstanding achievements, 34 specialists having government allowances, 55 senior engineers of professor rank. Thus it forms an excellent team capable of business management, scientific creation and market development.
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