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NanJing Fiberglass R&D Institute The address is in Yuhua West Road, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province andeli No. 30
Fiberglass Production Line Process Technology and Equipment

Since 1960s, with the establishment of Nanjing Fiberglass R&D Institute (predecessor of Sinoma Science & Technology Co. Ltd.), we started fiberglass industry in China. In 1990s, we introduced and built the first production line of 10,000-ton class alkali-free direct-melt furnace in China (won gold prize of National Excellent Design Projects), fulfilled national key science and technology project -- “direct-melt fiberglass furnace technology and equipment development” (won first-class Award for National Scientific and Technological Progress), and formed a series of proprietary intellectual property rights and fiberglass production process and equipment with Chinese characteristics, which have been widely used by Chinese fiberglass companies, revolutionized backward crucible process in China, achieved fiberglass production process updating and upgrading and industrial structure adjustment, and promoted the rapid development of fiberglass industry in China.

Direct-melt furnace fiber forming technology has the advantages of stable fiber quality, high yield and low consumption. We have the whole set of fiberglass furnace production technology and equipment with 5000~100000 tons/year scale. We have unit melter, whole electric furnace and end fire furnace fiberglass production technologies.

We have constructed more than 50 fiberglass furnace production lines in China and overseas. Now, we are the most authoritative technology and service supplier and the most professional equipment manufacturing enterprise in China.

Fiberglass unit melter: mature and stable technology; widely used; 10,000~100,000 tons/year for one furnace; fit for E-glass and C-glass composition. 

Fiberglass all electric furnace: clean and environment friendly; 1,000~10,000 tons/year for one furnace; fit for both E-glass and C-glass as well as for special fiberglass composition.

Fiberglass end fire furnace: low cost and energy saving; 10,000~30,000 tons/year for one furnace; fit for E-glass and C-glass composition.

Other fiberglass production line systems.
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