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Railway industry
  3D composites offer superb properties, such as high strength/weight ratio, integral resistance against delamination, qualified fire and sound insulation, simple lamination process and so on, thus they are able to meet all the critical requirements of necessary tests and certificates in railway industry. 3D composites are already widely used to build pantograph covers, interior wall panels, roof panels for high-speed trains, and doors for metro trains.
  3D pantograph covers are updated model of traditional ones. They are lighter, stronger and 40% more cost-saving; the manufacturing efficiency is twice faster than the traditional model.
  3D composites are ideal material to build interior wall panels for high-speed train. 
  3D composites can be used in the manufacture of the doors for metro trains and high-speed(350km/h)trains.
  Being lighter, safer and stronger, 3D composites are good substitute for traditional bamboo plywood or honeycomb to build bus parts with high manufacture efficiency.
Building and Construction
  With better mechanical properties and thermal and sound insulation on a lighter weight base, 3d sandwich composites are ideal substitute for traditional honeycomb materials when adhered to 3-5mm thick stone slices (e.g. marble & granite). This advanced composite material has been increasingly accepted in the manufacture of interior and exterior wall covers, partitioning panels as well as roofing and flooring systems etc.
Double Wall Storage Tanks
  3D sandwich composites are ideal core material for double-wall tanks. The space between two decklayers enables the installation of monitoring devices which can effectively detect the leakage of liquid inside the tanks. 
  3D sandwich composites boast great advantages against traditional honeycomb and foam cored materials in mechanical strength ,design versatility and functionality .In recet years, this material has been successfully used to make various parts( hulls,decks,interior parts,doors,floor panels, engine casings etc.) of the superstructure of large and medium sized ships,as well as load-bearing and functional parts of high-speed yachts and military naval vessels.
Wind Energy
  D sandwich composites are impressive for the outstanding specific strength, specific stiffness and design- versatility. Blade made of 3D composite result in approximately 30% reduction in weight and 20% reduction in cost while the fatigue strength and weathering properties are enhanced. The unique integral structure ensures higher process efficiency and better resistance to delamination and deformation after curing.
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